Thursday, October 29, 2009

Week of Peace and Fun

Life is blazing by except at the bad times it's then it seems like it's dragging but this week has flown by because well we had some fun and peace. 

The fun was when we took a jaunt up to PA to go to my sister in laws baby shower for their first little one. We of course were able to see family and friends that we have not seen in years.

The shower seemed like it went really well and my brothers church seemed to be good host and they were overwhelmed with gifts for the little one. There was alot of pink things going around. So by that statement you can assume that I will be an uncle to a little girl and I can't wait to share stories with her about her dad. Oh we will laugh.

This was also good times for grandmas, grandpas,aunts and uncles to see Bryson. He is growing so much and is at that stage of life where he is becoming so playful. We were able to run around, play on the swing set and play in the leaves at grandma and grandpa Robertson's. Bryson had so much fun. He has never had that much room to run. So it was so much fun for him and us.

I to got to get out and have a little fun. My dad drives a standard Jeep and so I took that out for a little late night spin to visit my brother and watch a horror film at his new house and play with his high strung puggle (half pug and half beagle). It's cute but a little high strung. I also got to take my brothers new bike out for a ride. It was a dream come true. I have always had a route in my head that if I ever got a chance to take a motorcycle for a ride in my home town I would go and I did it. It was a blast and I can't wait to do it again. Who knows maybe next time it will be on my own bike. (Thanks again bro)

 Now for the peace. The peace is that we found a good daycare for Bryson. Is it perfect, No. Is it good, yes. They have taken Bryson in with arms wide open and we are having to do less work which in the end gives the wife and I more time. Ok, Nickie has more time because she has less work. It also seems like they do alot of extracurricular activities like to help keep the parents involved so it just doesn't become the place you drop your kids off. They also listen to you when you give your input and not blow you off. It is so refreshing.

I have tons of video and pics to post but I think Nickie beat me to the pics so check out her Picasa pics or if your are friends with her on facebook you can check it out there.

Till the next blog.

Derek D. Robertson

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