Thursday, October 8, 2009

Creating A Brand

Creating a brand is the last thing I would have thought about when I started blogging. I was just doing it to update my family and friends on what was going on in my life at the time. Well to the ones who cared. It was also just a good outlet to clear my mind and get things off my chest. Because for some reason or another all the people I come in contact with don't want to really talk for some reason or another. They are mostly men and to get a grunt out them your doing good. Unless of course they want to talk to somebody then you can't shut them up. So for me to be able to blog and do all the other social connecting I do is my way of talking without being told to shut up. Also if someone doesn't want to be bothered then they don't read my remarks. Am I offended. Yes when I know good and well that family members are not reading it. How do I know they are not reading them, I bring it up a month later and they say I didn't know that happened. Why didn't you say something? Well I did in my blog. Oh I never read that. I know.

Anyway I started out with branding. The way I look at branding is basically you character. We have been branding ourselves all our life. We all want to create a name for ourselves. I know a lot of people that don't get all the social networking craze. It's like anything else because usually if you don't understand something you don't do it. At the same time lets say you have a mobile car wash company and you need business so you tell all your friends and then they tell all their friends and pretty soon you start getting calls but you still want more business and the local cable company tells you if you advertise with them you will double your business. I think you would do it. So then that explodes. At the same time you say I still can get more business and someone says you need a website but you not only need a website but you need to implement the right tools to make that website turn into a viral fire. See once the word gets out that you provide a good service through all means you have now branded yourself in the way that you want to be known. So be careful what you do and say anywhere because you want to create a good brand.