Thursday, October 1, 2009

Long Time A Coming

Well, it's been quite sometime since I have blogged. Why, well ask my wife. She is a slave driver and has removed my rights from the internet. Well, lilke I would listen even if that was the case. No it's a little boy named Bryson. He consumes way more time than I ever thought he would but at the same time I am learning that investing in him is way more important than a blog. Does this mean this is my last blog for several years. I don't think you are that lucky. I will continue to express myself as much as possible and keep you the reader up todate on what is going on. Of course if you really want to know what I am up to day by day. Well, then you need to click on the twitter icon on my blog. You can also search for me on twitter @DerekDRobertson. 

To show you how I value my blogging experience I have purchased my own domain. You can still acess the blog the way you have been but this is all part of my branding. Branding in the sense that I am trying to make a name for myself on the web. Don't believe me google Derek D. Robertson. If I set things up really right you might be able to  google Derek some day and see me come up first. Just a thought. 

Any ways since it has been awhile I will give you a shortened version of what is going on. First some of you know that I was in the South Nash Dash which was a race in our community to merely bring a name to the area and get the community together. It was a great experience especially since I have not done a 5k in oh 20 years. So that being said I was beat by a mom in a stroller but she had the figure for it (OUCH Honey) I mean it looked like she ran a lot. Any way I not only ran a race but I collected shoes for an organization called Soles4Souls. It was a great experience and I will probably do it again. Only this time I will be more prepared and it will be bigger than this time. To prove what I did check this link out.

So all in all we have been busy and I cant forget Bryson's first Birthday. We made a lot of memories. We went camping with the inlaws and outlaws and had a great time. No blood was shed but thats cause I didn't have my knife on me at all times. We also had an somewhat initmate party at our good friends Steve and Carrie's. Then we had a party basically with our Sunday School class and close friends. Bryson has received enough presents so far for his siblings to come. 

So that Is the the short version. You know me I could go on and on. 

Good to be back and blogg you later.


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