Thursday, October 15, 2009

Day Care

Day care is not by any means easy. You have to take your child to a complete stranger and hope to God that they will give it the love you would. Will that happen. No, no it won't. Why you ask and the answer to that is simple. It's not there child. They will never love that child the way you do. Is there anything you can do about it. That is a two fold answer. The first answer is pray and pray hard that  you don't have to send your wife into the work force on a full time basis or second at least be able to let her stay home part time. Now, Part time is not the perfect scenario but it is better than full time.

Both are situations that I currently cannot provide. Will I ever be able to. I hope so. I would love Nickie to be able to stay home and watch however many children we have. So that is just why I just have to pray and pray hard that the Lord will direct me down the right path to provide for my family.I don't need a million dollars but a few more than what I got would allow me to do so.  So pray for us to be able to move out of this situation.

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