Thursday, December 17, 2009

Time is of the Essence

We have been learning everyday this year just how precious time is. I know keep mentioning this but it just amazes me how little time we have on this earth. Mark Lowry was right when he told his story of how backwards life is. His story basically says life should start with us arising from the dead and end with us being a twinkle in our daddy's eyes. Oh how nice that would be. Now since it's not we are trying to make the best of it and push forward. Sometimes life does feel like Groundhog day. you know it seems like the same day over and over and over.  I know all this will pass but wow life is a challenge.

On a good note we were recently able to catch up with an old friend of mine from PA. It was neat to catch up with her because we haven't seen each other is probably over 10 years, we both are married , and we have children. Life has kind of come full circle in a sense for us. Now, if you knew how we use to treat each other you would understand why this was exciting for me. In fact when I heard her and her husband had move to town I thought I wonder if we could ever catch up and at least say hi. I figured it would be awkward and we probably wouldn't get together again. Then when I heard she just had a little one I figured that kids would be common ground. Well, the meat up was a success. We had a good time talking about the past and it seems like there will be a future friendship. Which is another thing that takes our time but friendships are like anything else that you want to be good at and that is work. Something that is worth the time in the end.
So tomorrow I will get up and do it all again. How about you?

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