Thursday, January 29, 2009


Well ,this has been an interesting week. First of all we have survived over a week now of Obama. I am sure he is doing things that I would not agree on but I pray he will do things I like and agree with. I just have to keep reminding myself that Obama is not in charge. He did not create this world and he will not be able to completely destroy this world.

OK politics over. As far as the family we are still here and finding out what teething is. Bryson has two toofers in the bottom gum and one in the top. So we are not getting a full nights rest but at the same time we are blessed because he is healthy and does not have cholic or any other major issues. At the same time this whole teething thing is still not fun for us but we do know it could be worse. So the other night in my efforts to soothe my son to sleep I gave him this medicine that is all natural so the bottle says. So I give him this medicine in the middle of the night. I wasn't soothing him so Nickie comes in because after she gets me out of bed to check on him I have like a minute to soothe him and if I don't she comes in asks what the heck I am doing. It's becomin a routine. So the other night I am giving him the medicine to soothe him and Nickie walks in after I drug our son so I thought. Nickie walks in and says WHAT ARE YOU DOING? I said giving him some medicine. Well let me rewind this a little. Bryson was not wanting to sleep and I suggested giving him the medicine and she blew me off so I thought. So as Nickie continued to try to soothe him and to know avail did she walks in the bedroom and says your turn. Alrighty then I am going in with the plan of drugging him.

Now back to the WHAT ARE YOU DOING? I said since you weren't going to give him the drugs I will. She responded back I already gave him some. OOps! So now what ? Well Nickie starts running around the house banging her head and saying what do I do What do I do? I should have told you that I ended up giving him some. We'll we called the Pediatricians office at three am. They connected us to poison control. Yes, this is poison control? Uh yes one of our patience gave their child to much of a teething medicine what should they do? Well read me the ingredients. Oh okay you can go back to bed now because Disney has fooled you into buying their medicine that is basically candy. What? What do you mean candy , well that drug basically is just a calming agent and does not actually do anything for the pain so give him a teething ring and go back to bed.

We had to laugh when it was all said and done but it was not fun at three am. I was just waiting for Nickie to throw on her coat and drag me and Bryson to the emergency room. Thankfully She did not react that way.

There is good news though I have found a new addiction and it's called Twitter. It's the hottest new drug on the market and best of all it is FREE. Yes, i said free. Okay I am exaggerating about the drug part but if this what a drug feels like hook me up. Twitter is not like facebook or myspace. It can be linked to your myspace , facebook or whatever other social network you are on. The cool thing is you can have these tweets as they call them sent to your phone via text messsages. It has been a blast because a lot of the time I am on my own during the day and so when I get these tweets from various people that I am following it makes me feel like I am still part of this world. Other things you can do is reply to peoples remarks or questions. It's a very interactive social thing and a lot of fun in the mean time. So if you are a Twitter send me tweet.

I am following a lot of Christian artist personally and different news sources. Its cool because I am able to select who gets forwarded to my cell phone and who doesn't. So go check it out and start twittering your favorite peeps and keep up with what they are doing through out their day.

So happy Twittering and Blogging.

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Nickie said...

SOOOOO, I only give you 1 minute to soothe him and then Im on your back huh? Remember, becareful what you say baby, I read your blogs you know! Well, I will just not make it a routine any longer and give you all the time you need during the middle of the night to soothe hime if that is what you would like....haha, I love you and love reading your blogs, what a sense of humor you have, like no other I have met!