Thursday, January 22, 2009


Well as you can see I have really been stretching the gap between blogs. It's not on purpose thats for sure. We are just trying to get a handle on this baby thing. It's a wonder this world gets anything done. I mean we get home ,eat dinner, clean up, take a shower and the next thing you know it's time to go back to bed. Now, before Bryson there were nights it felt like that but now it's like everynight. The weekends are basically a time to catch up with the week but you don't want to feel like all you do is work around the house. So you go out and do something and then come home and see the work in front of you and feel guilty for going out and having fun. I know alot of people can let their house go. I can't. I know to that watching him grow is more important than things of this earth. At the same time if we slack we only have a 1000 sq. ft. so you will be tripping on something. Which has me thinking what are we going to do when Bryson is walking? We did talk to the realtor last week but she told us to wait. She said yes we could get a good home for a low price but the sacrifice would be that we would have to take a loss on our home. It would be one thing if we had lived here for ten years or more but with us only owing the house for two years we just haven't paid enough down yet.

Well, this past weekend we did get out and went to an RV show. I am a big fan of RV's and would drive one as daily vehichle if I could. I mean to have all the amenities at your leisure like sattelite so you could watch/listen to the nightly news on your commute home or if your tired of sitting in traffic pull over and take a nap on a mattress that is exactly like home. Another bonus is you can pull over and go the bathroom anytime you want instead of having to hold it for thirty minutes till you get home. I think you get the point. The pros out weigh the cons for sure.

All in all things are trucking along. Nickie has been getting bounced around a little bit because other clinics are short staffed for one reason or another and her clinic isn't all that busy. So I hope that quits soon and her clinic get's more clinetel. I am still working in the trenches for the audio, video and lighting installation company. This to shall pass is what I tell myself everyday. At the same time I am thankful I have a job during these rough times. Bryson is growing like a weed and his personality is growing also.

Well till next blogging sea ya later.

I added some more pics to the christmas album so it's not total deja vu

Christmas 08

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