Thursday, February 5, 2009

Mom Turns 60

Well Well my mom turned 60 this week and  dad turned 61 the week before. It's just hard to believe that they have reached this age. I mean when I was five and someone said they were 60 they had white hair (mom pulls hers out) and false teeth ( I think she is going in for dentures next week). I just don't see all that in my parent's. Well dad is getting pretty white. So all that to say congrats to mom and dad. Keep kicking.( I am power of attorney right? Remember you said if I promised to take you in when you needed diapers again I would get power of attorney)

Last week was an ok week but a long one. Monday was a Monday. I got into work and there was no Internet service due to the fact the people we sublease from decided not to pay the bill. Then I called them to ask why and they started crying because a few months ago they moved out to another building because we sub leasers were taking to much space and they needed more room. So they moved out. Well fine if that's what you want to do. Let me explain how unprofessional these businessmen are. They signed a contract to a warehouse next door a couple of years ago. Then that place got filled up because they saw extra money to help pay the bills but then crowed themselves. Then just this past summer they moved into a third space. So now they have three warehouses that they leasing and subleasing. All the while leaving their phones and fax setup in the first building. So they have the phone forwarded to a cell phone. Then they complain about phone bills. So they cried about the fact that we have our offices over here now so we don't need it over there. Well that's not our fault and to top it off there are three to four other people paying for the internet at 20 bucks a month which comes to 80 dollars which to me sounds steep. Another funny thing is they tried using Majickjack so they didn't have to switch there business line over to the other building and were planning on forwarding their business line to that. Well that bombed because it locked up their computer. So it goes to show you when you run your business from a non traditional way (ghetto, redneck ,white trash way I am trying to be politically correct) it will bite you in the but. So the bill finally got paid and Internet is back but it really messed my day. We have really got our self's in a situation where we really depend on the net. 
 Now Tuesday I had to go to Chattanooga to put up security cameras in a club. I left for Chattanooga around 7 am and got back to Nashville around 11 pm. Not a fun day. The Wednesday I ended up having to go to Hopkinsville,KY to return and put equipment back in place that was repaired from a lightning strike. The lighting actually traveled down the phone audio and video lines. So it took out a bunch of different things that we had to get repaired or replaced for them to get a check from insurance. 

Thursday I was going to jet out early because I have been asked to keep my hours to 4o which is fine and I am just thankful for a job during this hard time. So I am thinking about leaving early and all of the sudden oh you need to go to this club and set up this projector. So again another long day. 

Today I had a big day planned and well it did not go at all to plan. I had all these things I was going to do and will probably only get a couple done. Oh well such is life.

Take care and happy blogging.

Bryson/ Feet

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