Sunday, January 4, 2009

Happy New Year

It's amazing when you have a child how fast time does really go. I was at New expant dinner at my church before Christmas and the guest speaker was our Senior pastor Mike Glenn and his wife Jeannie. They both took turns explaing what it was like to be parents and the one thing that they both said was that they remeber looking at their boys when they were 3 months and then blinked to see they were twenty five. They also went on to say now when they were going through life it seemed like forever but now looking back they say where did it go.I am totally seeing how this could be so true.

Well we are on to the new year. We had a good trip to PA to see all our folks. We decided to drive up at night so we left the 19th at 9:30 pm and arrived 9:30 am on the 20th at my folks to drop off our first born buddy the cat. Then finished the trip by driving to Nickie's folks.

On Sunday we got tricked into playig Mary, Joseph and the Baby Jesus. So my parents drove up to see us but had to leave unexpectedly because someone had broken into their home. Now, let me explain how stupid this criminal was. He first of all drove to our house, then broke the front door in, ransacked the house, found the garage key and used the key to open the door. I was like what in the world. To top it all off my dad's laptop was sitting out in plain sight along with my brothers computer. The crook ransacked the house and to this day my parents have not been able to find anything missing. He definitely was one of the worlds stupidest criminals. So thank God he was as dumb as he was because they caught him 5 hrs later. So Christmas was not destroyed. He unfotunately did hit two other homes and got away with 150 dollars from one lady and threatened her with a gun he probably didn't even have .

Another funny thing about this situation was that my sister in law and brother were visting also and had just bought a puppy. So the only reason my mom and dad knew that they got robbed was that she left their church to go let the puppy out. After she let the puppy out and came back in she started looking around and thinking I can't believe my mother in law would leave her house in such a mess. closet doors were open. droors in the kitchen and bedrooms were open and stuff on the floor oh wait this isn't right I better call them. So just as we were going to make our big debut on the stage my mom and dad went running out the door and said we just go robbed we got to go. I was like huh. We had our mailbox hit a couple of times but never was anything stolen. The funny thing was when my sis in law called my parents to let them know what happened my mom asked Emily where she was and she said I am here at the house. Mom said Emily has it ever occured to you that he could still be there. Oh no I didn't think of that. Well then get OUT!!! So anyway all was well.

Well we were able to laugh it all off and just enjoy the family. So mom and dad drove back up to Erie and went to my moms sisters and had their little shindig. Afterwards they stopped in at Nickie's folks to visit and give us all the details.

Monday other than meeting her family for lunch we hung out at her parents all day.

Tuesday we hung at her parents for the most part and then made the trek down to my folks. We stayed there till Christmas afternoon and then headed back to her folks for the rest of Christmas day , Friday, and part of Saturday. Then we went back to my folks for the rest of the day on Saturday. We hung out there till 11 pm and we hit the road jack and we will go back.

So all in all we had a good time. We had a white Christamas so that was nice and both the kids traveled well for being caged up for a day.

Happy New Blogging year.

The Robertsons

Christmas 08

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