Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Well another week has slipped by mainly just because of everything going on. Monday started another work week last week. Tuesday nothing fancy happened to my knowledge or recolection. Wednesday I spent organizing the truck and figuriing how this stupid cargo carrier went on. It was ridiculous. Then after I get it tied to the roof I read do not place carrier on roof until it is packed. Oh thanks. Then I got to thinking why in the world would you want to pack this thing up and then try to pick it up over your head and place it on the roof of a truck. THey obviously never had to pack for my wife.

So Thursday I had to go to Chatanooga again and did not get back unil 11 pm. Then get up Friday and go back to work and not get back home on time like I hoped to. You know how that goes we want to get somewhere but everyone else really isn't to worried about you at that moment. Then things just start falling apart the faster you try to go. So anyway. I got home Friday and as all couples do when they are packing up for a big trip you bicker and now time to move on.

Now, it' 9:30 pm and we is on the road. The trip went really well with baby and cat in tow. Yes I said cat. We treat our cat like one of the family. We rolled throuh the night and both the boys slept the whole time except when it was time to feed.Then at 9:30 am Saturday Morning we rolled into Meadville, PA to drop off our son Buddy who really likes grandma and grandpas because they have stairs and all kind of neat places to hide.

Sunday morning was an interesting time. I of course was trying to tweak and do some thiings with the audio for my in laws because they are a really small church and I enjoy being able to help. Of course when I get behind the controls and try set things up properly with no sound check and there is all this squawking I am sure they question if I really know what I am doing. Well I do and all is under control. That was the least of my worries because we were tricked into playing Mary and Joseph mainly because we had a baby. I was glad I just had to sit there and look good and that just comes naturally. Unfortuanately right before i got to make my grand entry to the stage my mom and dad had to take off because someone broke into their house. All was well. He just broke the door jam and in his search for I don't know what he just made a mess. He was a great canidate for worlds stupidest criminals because he didn't take anything. The dummy left foot prints all over and even found the key to the garge and left it in the door to the garge.

So now we are chillin at the inlaws and trying to enjoy some down time.

Well Merry Christmas and happy blogging.


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