Sunday, November 30, 2008


Well this was Bryson's first thanksgiving and it was a fun one. We were able to go to some friends who have kind of adopted us knowing that we have know family here. So Thursday we got up when Bryson said so, watched the parade and got ready to go to our friends. We got there around 1 pm and finished watching the Titans womp on Detroit. So it was one the highest rated teams vs. the worst in the NFL. We had some good starters as far as food goes while we watched the game. Then the big meal came and oh was it a spread. We had Turkey, dumplings, green bean casserole,rolls, deviled eggs and more. Then of course we had a choice of apple or pumkin pie.

Bryson must have felt comfortable because he took a three hour nap and seemed to enjoy the other screaming kids that were running around and it almost seemed like he wanted to go running around with them.

Well we then ended the week by taking Bryson to another massage class that he did not like as well as he did last week. Then on Sunday we broke out the Christmas decorations and decked the halls with boughs of holly .

Well that was our week and until next time happy blogging.


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