Monday, November 10, 2008

Its Been Two Months

Yes, ya'll it'been two months since Bryson entered this world. Just like anything else there are good days and bad days. This Past week was an eventful one to say the least. At the same time I am almost forgetting what happend this past week. I guess I am getting old. This is not good if I am forgetting so much so soon.

I don't think I will do the day by day thing like I sometimes do but it was an eventful week. As I talked about before Nickie was/is moving to another clinic with in the same company. Now, I don't know how a week can matter but to make things complicated they told us that she would go there on November 10th (boy that date sounds familiar) any ways they kind of renigged. What they did was told Nickie it was a for sure thing and then called her up and said well we still need you at this other place for the week so can we have you here for a couple of days then at the other place for a couple of days. Now any other time this would be no problem but when you have a child in the mix it makes it hard. So what happened is the people who have been watching Bryson agreed to watch him the days she was in Franklin and then When she goes to Nolensville the regular day care will watch him. Of course business is business and the day care charged for a full week. Oh well it could be worse (Tuesday). So we will move on.

All I can say is we have been blessed. I am really excited to know that Nickie is going to be only 10 min down the road. It will be a big savings on gas and the day care is cheaper to. Nickie is excited to becuase her new clinic director is more experienced and more laid back but gets the job done. The clinic is smaller to.

So you can keep us in your prayers because we wouldn't mind moving down into the area where Nickie works because it is so quaint. So we are hoping to find house with a good piece of land.

Something else that was cool for me was I met this really cool bass player when I helped out with the Robbie Kinevil jump and he called me up to get a cup of coffee. In the midst of us chatting and me telling me my dreams he pulled out his cellphone and started going through his contacts and writing down phone numbers of people he thought I should contact. He was just a really down to earth guy but at the same time is one of these musicians that if you looked at the list of musicians on the back of your CD his name might just be there. So think I have not only made a good new friend but a good contact in the industry. Infact he is best friends with Gary Chapman which was married to Amy Grant back in the day. He also told me that he recorded a Victor Wooten in his home studio. Just Google Victor. You will then understand.

That next to having a great wife and new little one was a great B-Day gift. I also got to run sound for a wedding reception this weekend. That was fun and went real well so I think the sound company that hired me will call me back for more jobs.

Speaking of the weekend it was crazy. Friday night is when I had coffee with Daniel, then went home for two hours and then went and tore down a stage I had set up ealier that week. Saturday we had to go tear down the play pen where Bryson has been for the last couple of weeks , came home and then went to town to run sound for the wedding reception band at the FRIST. Sunday of course went to church, then came home and ate. Then took the pack and play to the new day care, went grocery shopping, came home , ate some dinner and then went to a town hall meeting at our church about a new project they want to take on.

So all and all it was a busy week and weekend. So happy blogging and see you later.

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