Sunday, December 7, 2008

3 MO

Well, it's been 3 months since Bryson entered this world and what a week it was. Monday started with another work day of course but then we were able to go to a New parent dinner at the Church. It was the first time we were able to go to the dinner with Bryson in a carrier vs. carrying him in the womb. It was a nice dinner. We were able to hear our senior pastor and his wife speak about their experiences in raising there twins. It was really neat to hear him open up about the things he cherished about his twin boys. He said alot of things but the thing I saw him get the most emotional about was the fact that he couldn't smell his boys hair anymore. WHAT? He couldn't smell their hair. What kind of sick man is your pastor? He is not a sick man he is man in love with his boys. So let me explain.

Having twin boys meant instead of holding one boy at a time he got to hold two boys at a time. He went on to say they had this recliner chair that he would sit in and the boys woul hop on each arm of the chair and snuggle into their dad and he would smell their hair when he would kiss them on the head and hold them close to his face meanwhile you do have to breath so he would have smell their hair.

So what do you take out of this? You take the point that your child is here for a brief moment and then they are driving off into the sunset with keys to your car and asking for more money and telling you when they can fit you into the schedule. So I hope that I will appreciate my son as much as possible and take time to smell his hair.

Well, now on to the rest of the week. I was able to get a little gig with a singer this week named Tara La delle. She sang at a little neat place called Pucketts Grocery. It's a quaint little place that is always serving good food and music. It was a bennefit dinner for some type of childrens home. It was a fun little gig other than some of their audio equipment did not want to cooperate. All in all it went well. Then came the weekend. Oh the weekend was full of activity. First we went to a baby massage class so we can give our little one massages. Then we came home and Nickie got to go to lunch with the girls and have a baby shower for a friend of ours while I got stuck being home with Byrson by myself. I got lucky though and he slept the whole time. Nickie was so mad. HA. Although I was quite the busy body getting house work done that just seems to be so hard to get to after having a child.

After Nickie got home we hung out a little bit and did the normal routine for Bryson and then headed to a Sunday School party to celebrate the holidays. We had a good time but made sure we got home at a decent hour so we could get a good night sleep so we could get up and go to church. After church we went and got a brown bag lunch at Sonic and then went and visited friends that just had their second one. Then we did some grocery shopping and came home to take a nap but that never happened.

Well hope all is going well for you during this CHRIST- mas season. Sorry if If offended you for saying CHRISTmas. If you have a problem with it call GOD and not my lawyer. I am just glad that Mary is not alive otherwise this world would have the scorn of the ultimate woman and I would not want to be the one telling people that I was going to destroy her sons birthday. So to you readers who have a problem with saying Merry Christmas sorry but you are probably not going to a not so nice place but if you don't want to go to that bad place let me know and I will give you instructions on how not to.

So hope you all had a good week and blogg to you next week.

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