Sunday, November 2, 2008

Alot of First in Week Seven

Well, although we are still saddened by the loss of our friend we were very busy with life again this week. Monday was the beginning of a full work week for Nickie and a full week of Bryson out of our hands. Monday was a Monday being full of Monday type things.

Tuesday we did the American thing and voted early to beat the lines. I truly advise you to vote early if you get the chance because it's nice not having to stand in line. Bryson wasn't to fond of it but made it through. So that ended up making for a long day because I came home after work, ate, and then decided go to the polls. That ended up putting us back at home by 8 that evening.

Wednesday was nothing special to talk about.

Thursday I went to go help my boss set up a stage and when we got there he realized we forgot the steps. This was funny to me because he has numerous times told me that I forget alot but this was not the first time they forgot the steps. Now on top of that last year they ran out of gas in their diesle truck on their way back from setting up the same stage. So this year they went to set up the same stage and on the way back to get the steps they forgot the truck ran out of gas again. Oh I laughed. So I stayed and finished up the stage and the other boss drove in his car so he took off to go get gas. He then came back and picked me up to take me to the truck that was out of gas. When we got there my other boss was sleeping in the truck so I went up to the door and knocked on it and said license and registration please. Oh he about hit the roof of the truck. That was good laugh. Another funny thing that happened that day was that Bryson had not had a BM for a few days and Ms. Lisa go an explosion. It was nasty she said.

Now Friday is here and what another interesting day because I got to see Robbie Knievil jump. It was an interesting gig and I don't even know if we got paid. The promoter was a friend of Kinevil and he called him up and said hey you know how I make this glow in the dark paint. Why don't I paint your ramp in the glow in the dark paint and you jump a bunch of brand new cars. So he did. He also got some muscians together and had some different singers. One was Robbie Kinevil's daughter, the other I don't know and the last was the bass player from the group Bad Company. It was really a joke. There was know one there and the guy was not very friendly and even though he had not paid us he was very demanding. He obviously has never put anyting like this together before. If he has I would never hire him to set up my next function. The jump was at the Nashville Speedway and so Robbie came out and did wheelies around the track then went back and forth in front of the jump to get a feel for it. Then just did it. It was pretty cool jump but just a weird event all in all.

Well Happy blogging and take care.

Brysons First Fall

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