Monday, November 24, 2008

Ten Weeks and counting

Well, Bryson is now ten weeks old and kicking. It was a good week and nothing to crazy went on. Nickie was able to go to one clinic and stay there. Which was really nice because we saved a ton of gas with her only having to go ten minutes down the road and not half an hour.

I was able to do a really cool gig on Tuesday although I did not get paid for it. We wanted to demonstrate a new digital console to this club so I took one for the team and by request of my so called boss I did not charge him. Of course I will make a mistake somewhere and he will still give me the what for because he only thinks in the exact moment he is in. Any way we did the gig and all went well. The bands loved the console so much they asked how they could get it there pemanently and so we told the one to go tell the owner to go sweet talk the owner. So after she did so the owner came over to us and said sure send over the cute blond to butter me up to by your equipment but in all seriousness put an estimate together and give me a call. So hopefully we get a sell out of it. The real highlight of the night was listening to a band that pretty much consists the musicians that play on 50% of the albums that are on your shelves at home. Oops! I hope I didn't let the cat out of the bag again. Sorry the bands you see on stage are not always the ones that record on the albums. They actually pay people that can play even better than the ones you see on stage. Now, not all the times but 99% of the time. Anyway they are amazing musicians and I could have listened to them another two hours.

So back to Bryson. We did not have any crazy stories where we had to chase anything down from the day care. So other than that it was a good week for the little one. We are helping the day care understand Bryson and they are helping us understand why we pay them so much. I need more work, just work that will pay me more or better yet my dream business. Any way keep us in your prayers and will do the same for you. Oh we did have some exciting news. Our friends from PA, Jackie and Gary Shaw just had their first child. His name is Eyan McGyver Shaw. He was 7 lbs 12 oz., 20 .5 inches and was born at 2:18 pm. All the numbers were the same for Bryson except the time which was 2:17 pm. The other thing that is cool is that Gary and Jackie were married 2 and half months after us and they had their first child 2 and half months after us. Crazy it's like rain on your wedding day or a free ride when your already there. Well on to another week and keep blogging.

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