Monday, October 27, 2008

A week of Emotions

Well this week was a week of emotions. Monday I don't really remember but Tuesday evening on my way home I got some really bad news. The bad news was that one of our Sunday school members had passed away. Emmie was 33yrs. old and 17 wks. due with her first child. In fact two weeks before she was at our home serving us good eats and checking out Bryson. It was then that we thought it almost looks like she is expecting so Nickie in a very girlie way said so whats new in your world girl? She had a huge smile and said I am expecting! We were of course very happy for her. The thing about that visit was that we did not know was that it would be the last time we would see her alive. Unfortuanately on Tuesday morning Emmie was rushed to the ER and for two hours the doctors tried to bring her back but were unable to do so. We don't know the exact details but we believe it was an ectopic pregnancy. The other sad thing we heard second hand was that she called the day before saying she had pains and the Dr. said that it was just par for the course. Another DR. who does't know everything. So we as sunday school class have pulled together amazingly and have and are standing in the wings waiting for the family and the church to do its thing.
Then we as a class will step back in. We have already started working on schedules and things to do for her husband. Adam has done a good job of looking strong but we all know he is only human and in the weeks to come it will probably hit hard and I hope we are there to be a shoulder to lean and cry on.

On Thursday we were able to go to the visitation. It was a star struck event in the sense that the country stars were not physically there but because Emmie worked in the country music biz there were flower arrangements there from Vince and Amy Gill (Grant),George Strait, Reba Mctire, Trisha Yearwood and more. Then to top that Lean Womack sang at the funeral. We were unable to attend the funeral but from what I heard, they laughed,cried and heard the gospel. So we hold all the family in our prayers.

Now, on a more personal note we had a hard time realizing that we had to leave our son with an almost stranger but a blessing. The reason she is a blessing is because for the next two weeks day care is free. One of our Sunday school members moms was voluteered and accepted to watch Bryson for the next two weeks till Nickie switches to another clinic. Mrs. Hart said no problem because the most exciting thing she does is go to Publix and watch Brad Praisley go into her next door neighbors to write songs. So blessing one and now for number two. Number two is that Nickie was moved to a clinic just down the road. The only problem that posed at first was day care because we had already put a deposit down at day care next where Nickie currently works. So when we got the news that she would be moving if she desired we frantically looked for a day care close to the new clinic and blessing three we found one. Not only did we find another day care but a day care only a couple miles away from where she would be working. Then we got even better news it was cheaper. So starting November 10 (boy that day sounds familiar, oh ya it's my birthday, it's my birthday so were going to party likes it's my Birthday,sorry got carried away) Nickie will be going only 10 minutes down the road to work. So what a blessing. Another blessing is that Nickie will be able to go to the day care at lunch and feed Bryson. God is good.

So after all that on Saturday we were able to get out and have some much needed fun after that emotional roller coaster. We first went to one of the Partners home where Nickie works and cooked some hotdogs, smores and hung out with her coworkers and such. Then we went back to our development to hang out at our fall festival and then we went to one of our sunday school members homes to hang and remember our friend and the good memories.

So with all have I poured on you I hope you can decypher it all and realize that life is short so love on one another and God still works out big and small blessings everyday.

Happy Blogging the Robertsons

Emmie Gayle Anderson Wisniewski
WISNIEWSKI, Mrs. Emmie Gayle Anderson and unborn son, Weston Joseph WisniewskiPassed away Tuesday, October 21, 2008 in Franklin, TN. Emmie was a loving wife, daughter, granddaughter, sister, aunt, friend and mother-to-be. She is preceded in death by her brother, Paul J. "Andy" Anderson, Jr.; grandfather, Richard Thompson and grandmother, Pearl Anderson. She is survived by husband, Adam Wisniewski of Franklin, TN; parents, Paul and Ellen Anderson of Baton Rouge, LA; grandmother, Lucille Thompson of Colfax, LA; sister, Deborah Moody of Wichita Falls, TX; brother, Chad (Lisa) Anderson of Baton Rouge, LA; sister, Alicia Anderson of Denham Springs, LA and brother, Richard Anderson of New York, NY; nephews, Christopher and Keaton Moody, and Austin Anderson; and niece, Katelynn Moody. Emmie was a member of Brentwood Baptist Church and a graduate of Louisiana State University. She traveled to Nashville, TN in 1997 to pursue her dream of a career in the music business. She was the Sr. Director of Marketing for Universal Music Group Nashville, where she was employed for over 10 years. Visitation will be on Thursday, October 23rd, 6-8 p.m.. Memorial service will be held on Friday, October 24th at 11 a.m.. Both visitation and Memorial will be held at Brentwood Baptist Church. Interment to follow in Baton Rouge, LA on Monday, October 27th. Visitation will begin at 10 a.m., with graveside service following at 12 p.m., at Green Oaks Memorial Park. In lieu of flowers, the family is requesting donations be made to one of Emmie's favorite charities, Campus Crusade for Christ, 100 Lake Hart Drive, Orlando, FL 32832. WILLIAMSON MEMORIAL FUNERAL HOME, (615) 794-2289.289.


Anonymous said...

You all are in our prayers and boy is Bryson getting big and even more cuter everyday!!! I love being able to read the Blogs..Keep them coming.

Rainey209 said...

I just want to get my hands on that boy and give him a big hug,,,,he is so cute.....

christine said...

It wasn't an ectopic pregnancy - it was a placental abruption. Just thought you should know.

drock76 said...

So to Christine who obviously did not read my blog very well and who has blocked her blog from anyone seeing it. READ. I said we believe it was an ectopic pregnancy. I did not say that it was for sure. SO READ!! and if your going to do a blog enable it to be read. That is the whole purpose.

cecampbell said...

Good gracious, what a hostile reaction. I wasn't trying to be snippy about telling you what caused Emmie's death, I was telling you because you appeared to be close friends with her and I wanted you to know what happened to your friend. I was trying to give you some closure. As for the comment about my blog being blocked, I don't have one. I just have a live Blogger blog.

Derek D. Robertson said...

My apologies to Christine. I took it the wrong way. Thank you for posting this. I really appreciate that. Yes it was a hard time especially when i can still picture her holding Bryson and being excited to hold her own. Adam is still in our Sunday school and I see him look at Bryson when we have group events and I cant imagine what is going through his head. Again I apologize. As far as blogging. Go for it its theraputic.