Sunday, October 5, 2008

Week Three

Well, another week has come and gone. We are more tired than the first week. It has gotten a little better but not perfect yet. Although we have been told by many to enjoy these moments because in the words of Trace Adkins or whoever wrote the song "Your gonna miss this". So I can't wait to miss this. LOL

This week was a crazy week. Work was for a lack of better words crazy. Wednesday I spent a good part of the day looking at a computer because my boss is trying to set it up so that I can make invoices and the such at the shop but update his office computer at home. Well you know how stuff like that goes. Needless to say we haven't figured it out yet. Thursday we wanted to go up to a church in KY and demonstrate a remote controlled camera head so that one person could control multiple cameras at one time. The unfortuanate part is that you have to have a camera that will hook up to the remote head and if it doesn't then it doesn't. So we had our hands on one but it was not going to be available when we needed it so that created a headache and we knew of a camera that was available but according to the makers website that camera was not supported.

So now its Thursday which was the same day that Nickie and I were going to an open house for a day care that we might take Bryson to and I was supposed to go to KY but didn't because we couldn't find a camera yet. After we went to the day care I felt good about the place but my heart was saddened because I have to let a total stranger take care of my child. I'd have to say that it hurt worse than I thought it would:(.

Well now its friday and after a conversation with the designer of the remote cotrolled camera head we found out the camera we had did work as long as it had a smaller lense on it. So it was a weight issue and not a compatability issue. So of course we did not find this out till Friday morning. So we got a late start getting to the customer which made us get back to Nashville later. So after I got home showerd, ate, and went to bed but did not sleep for some reason. Then I had to get up at4:30 am to run audio for the Breast cancer walk in Nashville. I don't know all the groups that performed but of the three stages one was Shedaisy who is mangaged by a former sunday school friend and then my stage was a couple of local guys. They were pretty cool and easy going.

So the rest of Saturday I tried to get some rest and that backfired. We did however have some friends over who haven't had a chance to see Bryson. They brought Nickie a chocolate shake so that made her really happy. We had a good time chatting and hanging out.

Sunday I thought was going to be a lazy day but we ended up going shopping at Aldis to get some much needed food and then some friends who were going to bring dinner over tomorrow called us up and said would you A. want us to bring dinner over tomorrow like we planned or B. you come over tonight and have dinner with us. Well I knew if they brought us dinner tomorrow we would have left overs but at the same time we have been wanting to hang out with couple for a while so we went with A. We had a really good dinner and most important time out of the house with good friends. Now you want to know why they invited us. Well not just because they are good people but because the wife read my blog :) and rememered that I said Nickie was getting stir crazy. So we got a two for the price of one by getting out of the house and getting some good eats.

So we ejoyed our dinner then moved on to dessert and then Bryson realized we weren't home and he opened his pipes. Mommy gave him some milk but that didn't seem to work. The ride home wasn't fun either. We got home and all was well. Crazy, well anyway a new week is upon us and lets hope it goes better.

Well toodles and happy blogging.

Derek, Nickie, Bryson and Buddy

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