Sunday, September 28, 2008

Terrible Two's (week)

Bryson is officially over two weeks old now and he is letting us know. The first week once we got out of the hospital was not all that bad. Now that we are in the second week you would think that we would begin to understand our son more but the only thing we do understand is that we don't understand. We feed, burp, change diapers, lay down for a nap and repeat. The thingt is it doesn't always work. There is always something that is discomforting him and he lets us know. Nickie of course being the analytical one is frustrated because she can't figure out what he always wants. Everyone just tells us it's par for the course but that just doesn't settle well with momma. All in all we are still enjoying those sweet moments when they happen.

As far as the rest of the week goes all was well. We took Bryson to the Peditrician earlier in the week and she was very pleased. He went from 7lb 12oz to 7lb 3oz and then to 8lb 8oz. So weight wise he is growing. Nickie is enjoying being with him during the day but is getting a little cabin fever. As far as things go for me I was able to do a job at the Frist center here in Nashville for a Neil Diamond cover band. I just set the equipment up and left. Thats a good gig. Then last night the President of BMI 's son got married and we set up sound for the band that he hired. BMI is one of the companies that makes sure that all singers and song writers get paid. It was a great night because I got to see Kix Brooks who is half of the duo group Brooks and Dunn. He and his wife where there and they got out on the dance floor for one song and I would have to say they know how to dance. Maybe Dancing with the Stars is in his future. On top of that Raul who was the lead vocal of the group the Mavericks was there and did two songs. Then the house band was not your typical house band that rocked it out. The band consisted of people that arer on your cd covers that you don't take time to read but they are there. It was one of those nights that I said this is one the reasons I am here. I just eat stuff like that up. It just rocked. Well ya'll have a good week and until next week happy Blogging.

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