Monday, October 13, 2008

Struggling in Week 4

Wow, I am so sorry. I just realized it's Monday and I did not do my blog. So ya, it was the week of the big debate. Well all I can say is Nashville had to be hottest place in the world for that hour and a half. Reason being I have never heard so much hot air in my life. Ok nuff said.

It was an interesting week. Monday I set up at Al Gores house for his litte fundraiser for Obama. We had moved everything a hundred times and finally got it right and then Tuesday it rained. So we had to move everything again to get it under the tent because they only got one tent for the people and not the talent which was Michael McDonald. Well, come time for the event we were ready and the show went on. Then on Wednesday we came back and tore it all down. Then I came home to a nice dinner from one of our Sunday School friends.

On Thursday, Nickie, her Doula, and Bryson all went to Vanderbilt to have Bryson's hips analyzed via an ultrasound. All was well and then they all went shopping and ate lunch at Panera Bread. That was very nice of her Doula to do that because it got her out of the house. Now, if you are wondering what a Doula is just click on the word and it will tell ya.

Friday was nothing special besides the fact it was Friday which meant the weekend was here.

Saturday we spent the day cleaning and getting ready for my mom and dad. They got to our house a little after 4 pm. We had a good time just chilling and then dad says hey why don't we go to the Opry. So, we called and they still had tickets. We got home like 1 am which was 2 am for mom and dad. I have never seen my parents at that time in the morning. Funny thing was they didn't look any different.

Well I hope you had a good week and we will try to survive another one with this little one. This week I will leave you with a link to Nickie's Picasa because I think she has posted some pics that I haven't. She is starting to figure things out and take away all my fun. LOL.

Happy blogging

Baby Bryson Douglas Robertson

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