Sunday, October 19, 2008

We are here

Although, I am getting more sleep than Nickie I am still struggling but I need this. I need to be stretched and taken out of my comfort zone and this is the ticket. I really do feel that raising a child is Gods way of showing us how he feels about us. He has to get tired of us doing the same things over and over but in the end still loves us just the same. Quite amazing.

Well, this was a very fun week with my folks. Mom and Dad got in Saturday afternoon because they left PA at 6:30 am. So we got them and their belongings inside and started to chill when Dad says hey lets go to the Opry. So we did and had a good time. Nickie went to which was the first time away from Bryson for such a long time. She was doing good until Kenny Rogers played and dedicated a song to his wife and kids and as soon as they showed a pic of his twins when they were born she was done. The river came from her eyes and she squeezed me tight.

Sunday we cheated and watched the sermon on the web. That could make you lazy but I promise Mike if I did stay home I would still tithe. So then later we went to Costco which next to the Mac store is the coolest place ever. We got some goods and went home.

Monday was another day at the office but that evening I helped a friend put some stuff in storage for his friend. Then during the day Mom and Dad got Nickie out of the house and took her to multiple stores.

Tuesday Mom and Dad got Nickie out and about again. Just their way of spoiling her and the baby.

Wednesday Mom went with Nickie down to a possible day care and to Nickie's clinic to show off Bryson. Now while Mom and Nickie were out and about Dad decided to have some ice cream which is really no big deal until you forget to put it away. So when Nickie and mom came back the ice cream was all over the counter. So dad was busted.

Thursday was a chill day for the rest of the fam well sort of. I forgot some keys that I needed for work so dad said he would bring them to me. Unfortuanately his car battery was dead so he grabbed our truck and brought them to me after getting lost. He then had to go get a new battery. I then went to work at a club where they keep me job security because they are constantly blowing their equiment up. I ended up working a late day but that was okay because I took Friday off and knew it would be worth it.

Friday we slept in sort of then mom and Nickie went down the road to drop off paper work for another day care we may use. When they got back we went and had some good southern cooking at a restaurant called Sweet Tea. It's good thats all I got say. After we filled our tummys we went to the Opry Mills mall and walked it off. I got some new tennis shoes, my dad and I got some pants and mom looked at her sleep number bed that she has been dreaming about and she told me today she called and placed the order. After walking and shopping we headed home and stopped to get gas where I found that my battery was't doing so good. We were able to get a jump and get home.

Saturday was a sad day because mom and dad had to head home. We tried to get them to stay longer but that did not work. Oh well we will be seeing them in a few weeks. The rest of the day Nickie and I just chilled and piddled around the house.

Today we tried to sleep in but that did not work. So I got up and made pankcakes and bacon. After that I decided I should take the truck to Walmart. So I had them change the oil, rotate and balance tires and change the battery. Well the knuckle head put the battery in but did not put the bracket back on. So I asked why not and he said he couldn't and that he didn't know what to do and walked away. So I showed someone else and he acted like he was going to do something but didn't. Then what seemed to be the head tech came out and looked at it and said lets try a smaller battery. So we find another battery to put in and after he set it in I said pull that out I just noticed something. Here someone had changed the battery before and the battery they had was to short to fit in the bracket so they put a piece of wood in the bottom to lift it up to fit. So it took me the customer to realize this amongst three quote techs at Walmart. So that was our week. Until next time.

Grandparents Robertson

Derek Nickie Bryson and Buddy.

Thursday Th

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