Monday, May 25, 2009

O Lots Of Stuff

Well, its been like two weeks since I have had a chance to blog. The
thing that has held me back the most is the little one. He is all over
the place. He has found his leg strength and is crawling everywhere.
I also have been extra busy at work with the move and doing a church
install and whatever things my boss can think of. I am almost done
with getting the shop back in order even tho my boss thinks it should
have been done a week ago. I got a little defensive and told him he
could do it himself. He started to get a little huffy puffy but I
think he rethought things and realized if I was not doing it it would
be a year or so before he got it to a real working order. The one
thing I am learning the most from him is how not to be a boss. There
is no Branding of any kind , he has never written down a business
plan, and is always changing his mind on what kind of work he wants to
do. He is also against using the Internet to advertise. I really just
think he is scared that he would get a bunch of big jobs and not be
ready for it.
Anyway better things will come. Now onward to more of our life. We are
very much so growing out of our digs but know we are going to have to
wait a little more on that. We are hoping in August which will be the
three year mark that we have owned our third floor condo. We rented it
for like a year and a half before the owner decided to sell it to us.
We are looking forward to getting on a first floor situation.
Like I said earlier Bryson is crawling and getting into everything.We
took him to the Zoo yesterday. I know he did not know exactly what was
going on but by the looks on his face he enjoyed it. We then went to
our friends Brad and Erin Van Denmark for some food and fun. Our boys
had a good time playing together and we have pics to prove it. Like I
said a lot has happened lately and I just can't remember it all. I
think I am going to follow my pastors advice and start journaling. I
think that will help me with my blog as far as remembering what all
Parents visit till Zoo

Happy blogging

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