Saturday, May 2, 2009

Can't Keep Up

Well, so much has gone on here at the Robertson house hold in the last month. Nickies parents came in for one week, then here brother and then my parents this last week. On top of all that I have have been packing and moving our warehouse. So I have a bunch of video and pics to post to let everyone else see all the fun.

For now I will just try to recap the week of my folks being here. Monday Nickie and I went to BBC's New and expectant parents dinner which is something the church does every two months. Its nice because we don't have to cook dinner and if we want they have child care. So it's almost like a date night and better yet it's free. They also always have someone come speak and tell us their experiences as parents. It is usually fun,inspiring, and uplifting.

Tuesday and Wednesday were pickup days before mom and dad got here on Thursday. When they did get here dad wanted to go to the Ryman and watch what they call the Opry Classics. I also needed to get the truck to the garage to replace the starter so dad followed me and we dropped the truck off on the way to the show.

Friday I headed home for some dinner with the fam and downtime. Dad and I then went to hear some bluegrass at an unamed place because they adjitated me. The people behind had fowl and loud mouths. After a few hard stares and them not getting the hint I looked the one square in the face and told him to knock it off. I was out numbered 5 to 1.Two minutes later they left. Works for me. Then I went to get a refill which was not free but full price of 3 dollars for a Coke. The only reason I will ever go back is if my dad wants to go otherwise they are not getting my money. So the second half of the show was more enjoyable.

Saturday we went downtown Nolensville,TN for a car show and antique shopping.

Sunday we went to church and then downtown Franklin,TN for the Main Street festival where Grandma and grandpa spoiled us and mainly Bryson.We had some good eats and old school soda. Then in an effort to put Bryson in my back pack carrier I accidently swung him a little to far and he cracked his head on a little mail box on the side of a building. We were a major scene there for awhile because Nickie cried bloody Mary right there on the side walk. Bryson was okay I just don't know if he will let me carry him in the back pack anymore:(

Monday we just chilled after work and then Tuesday I got out of work early and headed to Costco. We just milled around and mom and dad helped stock our cubboards:) Well I will try to post some vids and pics.

Happy Blogging Derek D. Robertson

Nolensville car show

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