Sunday, June 7, 2009

My Honey Turned 30

Well I am going to make this post short and sweet because I just want to chill with the wifey but its been like two weeks since I posted anything.  So here we go. Sunday afternoon of last week we were chilling when Nickie's mom called and said the Dr. told me to take some time off from work after my knee surgery  so your father told me to ask you if I could come down for a week and visit. So of course Nickie yes. I had no choice in the matter. (just kidding mama) So Monday night she flew in and was here for the whole week which it being Nickie's 30th made it much better for her. 

Tuesday I had made arrangement with our good friends the Halmark's who is a dentist in Cool Springs Franklin,TN. So right after work I picked up the wife, son, and mama and went to their farm which I could not find with the GPS. So that put me in an awkward situation cause now I have to call him and talk to him in a manner that would not give away who I was talking to. Well we made it there but on the way out of know where  Nickie's you taking me horse back riding aren't you. Well way to just take the cat right out of the bag baby. She did guess it but had know idea that it was with some good friends of ours. So still a little surprise left. Then after that we headed back home but stopped for some juicy burgers at Fat Mo's. Of course Bryson was the center of attention. A little black boy who was probably about 7 -8  picked up one of Brysons toys that he dropped and kindly handed back to him. It is amazing how baby's draw our attention and race has no walls. It was a precious moment. Then after our burgers we headed back to the house. 

Wednesday I had some thoughts of what I wanted to do for Nickie's dinner but was still brainstorming right up to dinner time. I had the location picked out and had emailed some friends last minute ( not suggested) and two responses so I was thankful. On my way home I thought should I get a cake or take her sonic to get the free floats they promised after 8pm. I went for the cake at Publics and oh my there are some flowers those are pretty I will get those and take them to the restaurant and ask them to put them on the table. So I did I grabbed the cake and flowers and rushed them to the restaurant (Bricks Cafe). I got to the restaurant and started telling the host what I wanted to do and I got the deer in the head light look. I could tell I was overwhelming her. Then to the rescue came the boss Don and he said we will gladly take care of that and will these tables put together over here be sufficient. I said perfect and ran out the door. So I got home showered and headed back out the door with the crew. Nickie was very surprised and seemed very happy and Don and his crew took exceptional care of us. We all walked out saying we will be back. The cool thing is its 2 minutes down the road .

The rest of the week was a little more laid back and just enjoying grandma being here cause that meant I didn't have to get up early and take care of Bryson and help Nickie get out the door. Except for Saturday I got commanded to go take care of Bryson at like 7:30 in the morning . I think my response was what is your mom for. Give me a break I am not quite what you would call the best morning person.  Well when grandma did get up I said I will be right back and went to Dunkin Donuts cause you know America runs on Dunkin. Then later on that evening we went to another surprise party for our friend who also turned 30.

Sunday I ran audio for church and the girls came to church later since I had to get there ealier to do my duties. Then we came home and ate lunch. Now,come the hard part we had to take Nickie's Mom to the airport . Well it was hard for Nickie, LOL Then after we said our good byes we headed back to the house to get ready for a Sunday School picnic at  a park. Now we were told there was going to be a band but we didn't realize such a big one. Well it was Ryders in the Sky. They are Hillarious. These guys have been signing together for over 31 years . Wow. that is amazing. I mean that is longer than most marriages and longer than most freindships.  So now it is Sunday night and I am going to finish out the eve with the birthday girl so good night and happy blogging.


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