Wednesday, April 15, 2009

5 Years Ago Today I moved to Nashville,TN

I can remember it like it was literally yesterday. I was standing in
my parents dining room with my mom in the kitchen and Nickie sitting
in a chair looking at me while I cried my eyes out debating on whether
or not to move to Nashville, TN.
The month before that I had been in a wreck that all who witnessed
were amazed when my car door opened and I got out. I had to volunteer
EMT guys bum rush me and check me from head to toe to see how I was. I
hit black ice on my way to see Nickie. We were mad at each other and I
decided to surprise her and apologize for being the way I was. So I
went to hospital to get a few stitches and glass cleaned out of my
back. All from being sore I was good. The car was not and wish I had
pics to show you. Not pretty. I barely could open the glove box to get
paper work and the only glass left was the front windshield.
So as I stood there both of them told me I needed to go. So I did and
as alot of people do they head to Nashville with a head and heart full
of dreams and very little to no money. That was me. I litterally did
not have enough funds in my account to cover the little deposit I
needed to put down on the apartment I found. I also had no job in
I of course questioned myself the whole way there thinking am I just
trusting you or am I being really stupid. I mean I would at least
think I could get a job in a restaurant. Well in my questioning my mom
called and could hardly talk. She said the mail just came and your
check from the insurance company was in there I will deposit it as
soon as I can. Thank you Lord. So now I will be able to put a deposit
on my apt. Of course my eyes began to flood in joy. So I took that as
a sign I wasn't being stupid.
Well when I got to TN I stayed with a friend till I could get into my
apt which was only two days and if that. On Friday after I got there I
got on line and found new restaurant down in Franklin opened up and
they were looking specifically for Christian people but they knew to
they cant discriminate but the add was in a Christian Classifieds so
when the said they wanted to hire within I figured it out quickly. So
I called and made an appointment for Saturday and got the job. After
the interview the owner asked me if I was involved in a church. I said
I just got there and was going to shop around. He asked me to go to
his and so I did. After wards he asked me to go to lunch and two weeks
later I was already involved with the media team.
Since then I have worked for a landscape company and my current job
doing the Audio, Video and Lighting installation thing. Not, exactly
what I want to be doing but its better than a regular 9-5 and I am not
always doing the same thing twice. I have also done some production
work which of course is all freelance and uness you you just totally
rock their world you get calls for stupid stuff because they have
their main guys and they of course make sure they keep busy before the
new guy.
Also since I have moved here I married Nickie Yarman and we just had
our first child back in September of 08. September 11 to be exact.
Something good to remember on that day.
Well I could write a book on everything and person I have met down
here but this will do for now.
Happy blogging and cheers to me for 5 years.

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