Thursday, February 12, 2009

In Fast Trouble

Well that week has gone fast. I mean I really enjoy blogging but I am having a hard time recollecting where the week went. I know one thing and that is my mom called me as soon as she read the blogg. I mean I knew when I saw her name on the caller id that I was about to ge an ear ful. Although she knows me and knows my humor. That is one side of me that this blog allows for. I can say anything I want and not get in any real trouble because if I were to offend anyone they would quit reading my blog.

Like anyone really reads this but when they do whether they leave a response or not (which by the way is at the bottom of every post) I know if you a have been bad or good. My father inlaw being a generation or two gap away does not understand why I do this. I tell him it's the cheapest form of therapy to smacking his daughter around ( I am soooooo just kidding I would never do that. Now, I might choke her again just kidding, I am so in trouble now) but all kidding aside it is good therapy for me and thats why I will continue to do this wether anyone reads it or not. I just hope none of my old english teachers read it. The computer monitor would be red with sharpie. That's a joke even though most of them were blondes. I never thought of that they were blondes and Mrs. Samson was a good looking one. Ok wake up JR. high is over. So like I said my father inlaw doesn't quite get it and wonders why anyone would want to put their personal information out there on the information highway. Like I am giving away my social or something. Like I said a few generations apart and a hard working blue collar man. Although like most men I can catch him with the pictures and videos. So as long as I keep the pics and vids of his grandson coming he kind of looks at my blog.

Now back to the fact this week has blown by and it probably because Monday we went to a new parent dinner at our church. Which was nice because it was one less meal and a time to feel associated with other adults outside of work. Tuesday was Nickies night so I have to shut off my ADD and FOCUS ON BRYSON. Which is a chore for me. Don't get me wrong I love the boy to death it's just that sometimes completely focusing on one the thing is not easy for me. So when it comes to bed time I am so ready. Each week we do it though it gets better mainly cause Bryson smacks me and says dad put down you Mac and play with me.

Okay on with the week. Wednesday was somewhat of a chill night because we watched several people emabarrass themselves on AI (American Idol) which is always fun. Now it's Thursday which is the new day I attempt to do my blogg and get some extra twittering in otherwise I will drive Nickie nuts. Ah, who I am kidding I do that now matter what.

Well I hope the rest of your week goes well and make sure you set yourelf up with a twitter account. Then after you do that you can forward particular people you want to follow like me to you cellphone and then you really can know what I am up to.

Happy blogging and twittering



Nickie said...

SOOOOO, first you are going to smack me around, and then choke me....good to know ahead of time, I will have to be looking out for myself and be even more on defense! Becareful, My Dad and My Pastor might come down and tan your hide!

Nickie said...

You dont drive me crazy all the time just so you know. I love you baby, we will get through this rought time and it will make us stronger an closer, we just have to figure out how not to kill each other in the mean time. I think this weekend out will be very good for us, I am looking forward to a date with you no matter how long we have to wait in a line to eat, I will be with you and that is all that matters!!! xoxo