Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Hustle and Bustle

Well it is that time of year and the days have just slipped by. It was somewhat of a busy week last week. Tuesday I ended up working late and having to take my suit that I was given as a Christmas present last year to the cleaners to get the legs shortened and my winter coat dry cleaned.

Wednesday I had to work in Chattanooga TN so I didn't get back till late again.

Thursday we got SNOW and as always TN freaked out and jacked all the roads up and in my efforts to beat the system and take a back route to get home I ended up spending 2 and half hrs. in my car.

Now Friday I picked up my dry cleaning and got my hair did so I would be presentable for Nickies Star Christmas party. When I got home Nickie said she felt like a single mom because I was so busy. I say better to be busy making money honey then no money to buy the honey.

Saturday, Saturday Saturday Saturday was the partay day and shook our booties from dusk to dawn. The party was a fun time dressing up and mingling with Nickies co workers and owners. The band Burning Las Vegas was a hit as always. The bosses always put together a video of all the newborn babies and let the clinics put their own videos together. Which can be good and bad depending on your taste of humor. For some reason they all decided to use the elf yourself video so after the tenth elf yourself video we were like okay that is not funny anymore. So, once that was over the video proceded to show humorous things that the owners did and clips from last years Christmas party provdided by yours truly. Then durning the bands time the owners asked me to video tape a paticular song that some of the women dressed up in Tina Turner outfits and did a little diddy. Unfortuanately someone decided to steal my camera after that. So that great footage is gone and so is my camera. So I have been bummed about that.

Well ,on to better things like Bryson. Bryson was a big boy and stayed over night at Ms. Deloras house. It was really tough for Nickie and it hit me about midnight when we were going to bed. I looked at Nickie and said you want to go pick him up? I am sure Deloras would appreciate us not coming in at 1 am. in the morning. So Sunday morning we went to check out and filled out a lost item report and the guy doing the report decided to give us a tour of all the behind the scenes stuff. Lets put it this way I wouldn't put that guy in charge of my cat. So as of yet they have not found my camera. The funny thing is the battery was dead and they don't have the charge cord. It may be a little difficult to use.

So that was our week and this week will be just as crazy because we are getting ready to leave for PA Friday night. So Merry Christmas and Happy Blogging.

Star Christams 08

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