Sunday, September 21, 2008

One Week

Well it's hard to believe but all the screaming and shouting is over and Bryson has been with us for over a week now. It has been neat to see him already growing so fast. Shoot, next week he will be asking for the keys to the car. Well ,any way this week went pretty well considering. We did not get very much sleep the first few nights but he has quickly picked up a schedule and we are enjoying that. Nickie's parents were here for the week and her mom and brother were here the previous week. So it was nice that Nickie's mom go to experience everything with us. The grandparents of course made threats to take him but we knew they wouldn't get 15 minutes down the road and realize they don't have the proper tools to take care of him. We had two good weeks with her family. A little crowded in a condo that is less than 1000 sq. ft. but we managed. We even got new furniture . So of course they can come any time they want if Pops plans to keep spoiling his grandson and baby girl. (don't worry he will never read this so he will never know)Buddy our cat was not to sure what to think but seems to be calming down. We said our good byes on Saturday and I think their church probably did't have much of a service because they all wanted to know how the grandbaby was. Nickie's parents just drooled over Bryson and it was just fun to watch. It's amazing how this little bundle of joy is so much joy to everyone. I guess because we are just amazed again and again by another one of Gods miracles. I just look at it like a new year or springtime. Those are always a time of joy and so is when a baby is born. I guess God really knew what He was doing when he came to earth as a babe. He knew we would be joyous and remember it for years to come.

I have just been blown away by how Bryson has been welcomed into this world. While at the hospital we had a church deacon come and pray with us,Nickies co workers and church friends visit only hours after Bryson entered the world. The church sent letters and personally delivered a book and pamphlet to our home welcoming Bryson to the world. Then on Friday while Nickie's parents were still here and before we went to get our newer furniture one of the business partners from Star Physical Therapy came and said hello to us. Then today one of Nickie's patients called and asked if she could come by and visit. We also had one of our Sunday School members and friends bring over dinner one night. I am just amazed. We have been blessed.

Well now the storm is over and we are starting our lives with this new bundle of joy and in couple of weeks my folks will be here to hang out with us and their new and only grandson. So I know you will continue to pray for us and let us know if we can do the same for you.

Baby Bryson Pics

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