Sunday, August 24, 2008


Yikes, It's only two weeks according to the DR's that we are working with. Yes plural on the docs. See what the clinic does that we go to is take turns after your first couple visits. That way if your doc is busy elsewhere and one of the other docs have to jump in they are not an unfamiliar face to you. Which I think is neat because Nickie right now is not to fond of her doc. She is not terrible just seems like all of the sudden she doesn't have time for Nickie. Who knows maybe she is just overloaded at work. I am getting to a point in my life to give people the benefit of the doubt because I have know clue what they are going through.

Anyway we are down to the wire. I am excited and scared but at the same time the more I look at families it seems like there is this joy that I am missing out on and I am starting to want that. I also notice the bigger the family the happier they look so who knows of what is to come. I know one thing I need my dreams to be answered prayers soon so I can provide for this family. If Nickie knew my comlete plan she might put a restraining order on me.

Well we want to say thanks for everyone who has blessed us with gifts for the little one. We have sent cards out saying so but if anyone actually reads this thanks again.

I have some pics of the Nursery, Nickie and hopefully some audio of the heart beat.

Happy blogging and looking forward to hearing from you.


Family Update

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