Saturday, August 2, 2008

Five weeks

Well we are down to 5 weeks. The closer it gets the harder is to realize how things are goint to change so much. It's mixed feelings of course. Excitement because we will be blessed by a new one in the family but fear because we realize we will be responsible for this new life.

This week has been a weird week in that the first two days I was up in Hopkinsville, KY. (there is nothing there) We had just finished up a lighting install but they were doing a special event this week and wanted to rent video equipment that they did not have to make their event go better. So we spent Monday and Tuesday doing that. Wednesday I was finally back in town just doing things around the shop and at home. The weekend looked like it was going to be busy but all panned out well. Although we did finally sign up for life insurance and we had a nurse come to our home on Saturday to get blood and other bodily fluids to test to make sure we are healthy. Of course when I heard I had to give blood I was not to excited. Blood and needles to do bother me but back in highschool I signed up to give blood and after the 90 year old nurse fished for my vein and finally got some blood out of me. She then told me to not give blood for along time. So I waited a few years and while in college I signed up to give blood again. So I get in the chair and the nurse starts with my right arm with no luck and then goes to my left. The nurse thought he found my vein and when nothing came out thought he should move the needle but when he pulled it out I heard an air noise. He quickly put the needle back in and said he needed to rethink this one. So they finally found a good vein and all was well. Then all of the sudden I noticed the world was moving. I asked the guy is it ok that you are doing circles around me? Then next thing I know my feet were in the air I had a bag on my face and was being told to breathe (it was paper not plastic). Needless to say I came to and all was well. So now when I hear the word give blood I say no thank you. Unfortuanately in order to get the life insurance I had to. We'll I survived. I would have had Nickie take picutures but she was diposed at the time because blood was not the only fluid of choice.

Well I was going to post a video of Nickie singing in a ensemble but I just haven't got things set up. So just to wet your appetite here is a clip of my sunday school teacher showing how to dance like Michael. It is probably one of those things where you have to be there but when your teacher decides to break out in dance in a Baptist church you got to laugh and I am sure God does to.
Peace and happy blogging

Derek and Nickie

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