Sunday, August 10, 2008

Four Weeks

We are down to 4 weeks roughly. Nickie is getting a little uncomfortable. She says her nights are a little restless and I think I am having sympathy pains as far as sleeping at night. She is also starting to say what I have heard other expectant mothers say when they are down to the last lap and that is I AM READY FOR THIS KID TO COME OUT!!

I would say we are getting anxious for this new little one and the main reason we just want to see how good we can make babies. Yesterday we had our first little scare where I decided to call the doctor. I heard a wimper and ran back to the beadroom to find Nicikie bent over in pain. So I called the DR. and she asked a couple questions and said your fine. I never saw Nickie double over like that I knew she had been getting some sharp pains but not enough to drop her like its hot.

During the brunch hour yesterday our Sunday School class had a baby shower for us and blessed us with a good time of food, fun, fellowshiip and some really nice gifts. We were totally blown away by their generosity.

The great thing is we still got one more shower to go with Nickies choir ladies.

So in this time where we sometimes say how we gonna do this God blesses us through others.

Have a great week and will blogg later.

Sunday School Shower

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