Monday, May 26, 2008

Work Work

Work has been the theme of this Holiday weekend. Although we still took some time to do a little grilli'n on our 3rd floor patio. We of course have to use an electric grill because a bunch of idiots did not watch their grills in the past and burnt their apt. and condos. So we have to suffer. I will be exctited to cook on my own real grill someday.

Anyways we did grill some hotdogs and ate some watermelon in between all the painting. Yes, we painted the baby's room without knowing the gender. How dare we do such a thing. I mean how do you paint a room for a baby not knowing what the gender is. Well, first get some paint brushes, paint of course, a roller or two and some plastic to protect you and the floor. Then you start painting. See its not that hard. Well it is if you're fussy like me. I know I know what color did we paint? Well by the name will you will know who picked it. Drum roll please and the name is ............ Zippy Do Dah. Yes Nickie picked it. ( light green) Then of course one room is not enough so I got to paint the hallway. Well , I am glad its done thats all I can say. Nickie of course did not think painting would be enough work for her as a pregnant woman so she started out by planting flowers and herbs in some pots on our third floor patio.

Also something that was cool was that Nickie got to sing with an ensemble at church this weekend. She was very excited and had a good time. Maybe next time it will be trio and then maybe a solo. Time will tell.

To prove we did all the above here are some pics and links to prove so.

Nickie Singing

Memorial Day Weekend

Well happy blogging till next time

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