Saturday, May 10, 2008

Ultrasound Three

Well, I know we did not tell anyone about a third ultrasound but we did have one.  We went in on Tuesday, 5/6/08,  and went through the process again.  Of course Nickie required me to be there again.  I was stuborn about it just because I did not want take off any more time because we were gone the alot the week before because of my best friends wedding in VA.  That sounds like a movie.  Any way, the Dr. did not get enough measurements on the heart and the brain on the second required ultrasound.  So this time they were able to get what they needed and all is well. So this morning we woke up at the crack of noon and started our Saturday routine of cleaning when Nickie handed me a paper with a list of to do's. (honey do list).  So by doing this blog I am obeying orders. Here of course are pics from the Ultrasound. Also I will post a link to pics of Nickie and other ultrasounds. Also remember you can go to these links anytime and see updates. Hint, this pic of Nickie is a link to a bunch of pics.

Happy blogging.


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