Monday, June 2, 2008

A good weekend

I would have to say that this weekend was a good weekend. The reason being is because we did little to no work. So that's a good weekend but that is not to say we were not busy. The weekend was started by a really nice dinner at a restaurant that I did an install in. The restaurants name is Wild Ginger. I had there rib eye that was cooked to perfection, a lotus roll that was off the hook and Nickie had Halibut  and duck quesidia. It was all very tasty till we go the bill that could have been but since I did the AV install I got invited to Family and Friends night. I think its worth the price but we just won't be going there like me might go to Sonic. Anyways on to the rest of the weekend. Then later that evening a couple from PA who were part of a wedding here in TN got to our home and we hung out till midnight and chatted. Then Saturday morning we got up and had breakfast together and were able to hang some more. Then they took off for the wedding and we then caught up with them Sunday afternoon. We took them to the Opry Mills Mall. We go some lunch, walked around then got some Ice cream for the mothers to be and then took them over to the Gaylord Hotel.

Then after we walked 500 hundred miles we headed back home to chill before there departure. But before they left I jumped on skype to say hi to my inlaws to find out my parents were there to. So we all hudled together to make sure the camera could see us all and so the 4 of us here had a video chat with mine and hers parents. That was quite a surprise to skype her parents and end up seeing mine. Well I am blogged out for the evening but here are some pics of the weekend.

Happy blogging.

Shaw and Robertson

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