Saturday, May 17, 2008

Baby is Kicking in

Well, the baby is really starting to wear Nickie down. She was officially 6 mo. yesterday. So to celebrate I got VIP passes to the Merrel Crawfish Boil. She got hear the sweet music of Papa Roach and just some good staight up Rock'n Roll of 3 Doors Down. We got to rip the heads off a hundred crawfish just to tease our appetite, some spicy corn  and potatoes. What an experience. It think I had more crawfish guts on me than  in my plate. To much work for food I'd say.

So if you believe everthing I said above I would love to show you also my ocean front property in Arizona. Price is  negotiatable. I really did not buy VIP passes. They were given to me from my boss buying Merrel shoes a day or two before. We did get to hear Papa Roach but Nickie did not think they were sweet, but she doesn't mind 3 Doors Down.

All this to say Nickie is starting to pop you could say and I finally felt the baby kick the other day. Pretty exciting. I can't wait to see the baby pushing on her tummy. So to those of you who blogg I salute you until next time.

Happy blogging.


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