Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Here We Are Again

Well over two years ago I started seeing the world of Blogging blowing up and I noticed how it was hard to tell everyone what I was feeling about becoming a father for the first time. So I started blogging and blogging. As time has gone on I was finding it harder and harder to blog when you work a quote 9-5 and have a little one running around the house. So although my mind has been full of thoughts I have not had time lately to get it into a blog. Now, I am somewhat jobless although I will be working for Go Live going on  the road with Women of Faith for a few days this spring and then a bunch in the fall. So I am still trying to find other work in the mean time. So all that said we are here again with a new little one on the way. (No Pressure). Which is true there should be not pressure because as the Duggers reiterate all the time on their show 19 and Counting "It's up to God cause we know He won't give you anymore than you can handle. Although this time we are probably focusing more on getting me more work and a bigger house. Not that we are not at all thinking about the new little one because we have gone through all that. In fact Nickie has hardly overwhelmed me with all her daily readings of the status of the new one. Sometimes she'll say "Oh ya I want to start taking that vitamin I took last time" Instead of oh my I need to get this now cause if I don't I child will be dumb and sick. So you can see a little more slack to ourselves. So hopefully I can get back to blogging some more and keep all up to date with our status. All prayers accepted.

Derek D. Robertson

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