Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I Need Your Input

Next Friday will be my guaranteed last day with my current employment. I am already seeing issues that he will have without me being there. The main issue at hand is that he works out of a home office and I work out of the warehouse. It is nothing for him to call me a dozen times a day asking if this or that is anywhere around. So I have a feeling that even when I am gone and no longer have a company phone that I am going to get multiple calls a week asking if he still has this or that item and if so where is it. He also said that it is possible that he would still call me for work when needed. I personally am not going to wait by the phone for such calls. Although it was a paycheck I am miserable there and it's not just the low pay. He is very controlling and questions every move you make.
I feel that once next Friday is gone that my duty is done and that I am not responsible for the whereabouts of his materials or should feel the need to lend and extra hand when he needs one. I feel that I will just need to approach the situation and let him know that I would prefer to cut all professional ties.
What do you think? Please make comments in the comment section below.
Derek D. Robertson