Sunday, March 28, 2010

My Head Is Spinning

The reason my head is spinning is because of everything that is going on in my life. The first thing is of course the fact that God has blessed us with child number two. He/She will be entering the world in September. We are excited and nervous.

The secon thing is that in one weeks time it will be two months that I have not had a steady job for two months but God has provided. 

The third thing is one week from now I will be in Billngs Montanna with Women of Faith. Which is a faith based women encouragement convention. I am  going with the title of carpenter/cameraman. I will basically be making sure the set gets put together right and gets put back on the truck right. I am really looking forward to it. I would be more excited to be doing audio but I am very excited that this man has given me this opportunity and I am going to give it 110%. I hope he can give me enough work eventually to keep me busy all year round. So that is something you can pray for. 

The fourth thing is that we have decided through the willingness and encouragement of a friend slash realator will be putting our condo up on the market. We know this seems like a crazy thing but the realator came to us and was willing to put his neck on the chopping block for us so we on the first of April our condo will be forsale. We are hoping with the incentive of the tax credit being up at the end of the month that this will bring the right person. We are praying for out new home and the ability to have more room for our family to grow and room for when family comes to visit that we don't feel crammed like sardines.

So alot is going on and I will have to admit it has been neat to see God work through his people to do what they are supposed to do. So continue to pray for us cause we are still in an upward hill climb.

Derek D. Robertson

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