Thursday, June 25, 2009

Week of Craziness

Well as I am wrinting this the world is drawn to the fact that we lost Michael Jackson , Fara Fawcet and ealier this week Ed McMann (sp). Then the local TN news decided to kill Jeanie Seely but they revived her again after they realized she was still alive. 
Things have been crazy here. I have been putting in some extra hours due to everybody and there brother decides to have their major events this month. So I have been working extra hours which is good for the pocket book.
In amongst all the craziness my bro called to let me know that I would be an uncle. So yes Andy and Emily will be having their first so we are excited for them. Sorry this is a short post but then again  that might be good. I hope to get more details of the week and upload some vids to my youtube channel which you can subscribe to if you have an account their and add me as a friend there to. Well time to hit the sack but just wanted to send a little update. Also follow me on twitter and facebook.

Happy Blogging


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