Thursday, April 9, 2009

Hey Lets Tweet Up

I know it sounds kind of weird but that is exactly what I did last night. Twitter right now is storming the nation and it's the only social networking that is having these tweet up's. In fact a couple months ago when I started to really get into it I heard they were having a Twestival. It really is neat how not only are we making friends virtually but then we are creating these times for us to physically meet and get to know one another even more.

Last night I got talk to one person who I had met at church and her husband, the next person I talked to was just someone I found on twitter who is a manager for the band Alabaster Box, another couple I literally just met last night and now I follow her on twitter. I also was able to meet one of the host of the tweetup Randy Elrod and his wife. I am currently following him and will probably follow his wife ( hey now clean thy mind up. I will only follow her on twitter). The other host of the party I have actually had a chance to meet one on one and have coffee with. His name is Spence Smith and is the drummer of the band Big Tent Revival which was one of my favorite bands. By the way I got to be with the band on their last tour back in 2000 or there abouts.

So all in all it was a great time and I made some new friends and I hope our non virtual relations grow.

Well not much else going on here. Bryson is growing like a weed of course. He is really sitting up on his own and playing with his toys. He also is rolling over like there is nothing to it.

Ronnie, Nickie's brother is in town checking the sights and catching up with some peeps he knows down here besides us. His schedule is little different but we still see him. We get home, eat, shower, and go to bed. He eats dinner, showers and says see ya later and I have know clue what time he comes in . I told him he doesn't even hold a musicians schedule. It's more like third shift with out the work.

So till next time happy blogging and twittering.

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