Thursday, March 5, 2009


I really don't know what to title this. I am two weeks behind like the holidays and it's past my bed time. I corumba. It is complete overload on what has happened in the past two weeks so to keep things simple I am just going to mainly talk about our Greensboro , NC trip. I do have pictures of this trip but I have not had time to upload video of the trip. Plus I want to make a small video of the trip.
We had a blast on our short little trip to NC. The reason we went in the first place was because my good friends Charlie and Ruth Jones aka Peculiar People moved there last year and I haven't seen them since. So when they called me and said they needed help with some audio equipment and that know one in there current circle new what they (or at least that is what they told me to boost my ego) were doing I jumped at the chance. Now, the history on Peculiar People is that 5 years ago I called a buddy of mine to see if I could come hang out and check Nashville out.He had moved to Nashville the year before and got a job managing this group called Peculiar People. So when I called he said I got a job for you. So for two Christmas's I went out on the road with this group doing audio and driving . It was one of the best experiences of my life. So when they called and said help I jumped at the chance. See not only are Charlie and Ruth one of the best Evangelical Theatrical groups out there they know how to cook and serve. Charlie is an amazing cook and Ruth serves it up and cleans it up. Together they make you feel like you are at a Five star restaurant.

When Charlie and Ruth were in the Nashville vicinity they hosted what they called Supper Club. I miss them and it dearly. It was a time to always meet new people. I even got to know Buddy Greene who plays a mean guitar, harmonica and wrote the music to Mary Did You Know. Ya so every time I hear that song I see Buddies smile getting bigger. Anyway back to Supper Club. It was just an amazing time. So when I first started going I was all alone and thought I was having a hard time. Then Charlie would get on his throne he called it(no not his toilet) and interview someone. He always said he never interview the new people but he always did because who knows when they would come back. Alot of them didn't but alot of them did. So when Charlie would get on his throne and interview people they would just seem to open up even though Charlie and Ruth were the only ones they knew and sometimes Charlie was the only one they new because they met him in the checkout line that afternoon when Charlie was getting supplies for dinner. Then after his interview I always felt a hundred times better and like I just worshipped God and all I did was listen to someone Else's story. It was always an amazing time and I miss it. I am extremely jealous of the people in Greensboro, NC. 

I remember the first time I got to take Nickie to Supper Club. We got in the car after dinner and she said what I said earlier and that she just worshipped God. When I was in NC I asked Charlie the question I would always ask him after the Supper Club and that was when you going to write a book. The stories and meals that we had were irreplaceable. This time I said you need to email all the TN people and ask them to email there favorite stories and foods from Supper Club and do the same for the NC folks. I hope he thinks about it seriously. I am forever grateful for Charlie , Ruth, their dogs  and the Supper Club folks for making my life better. Also after dinner we would listen to folks like Buddy Greene play a song or other song writers because this is music city. Then others would read poetry or a paragraph from a book they read.

Well this is really getting long winded so I am going to have make a part two to this just to cover all the basis. So till the next blog.



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