Sunday, March 22, 2009

Week of In Laws

Well I am trying something different this week I am always perusing the inter-web looking for cool and new things to check out. So one day Mark Lee of Third Day posted this note saying that he uses this service posterous to make all his post to blogs, twitter and the likes. So I created and account and have just played with it a few times. So tonight I am writing this in my email. I know it doesn't make sense but it does cause all I have to do is open my email client which is simply called Mail for Mac. 

So this week the in laws were here and we all had a good time. Of course they had a little extra incentive to come down and his name is Bryson. They had a really good time with him. We let them watch him during the day while we were at work rather than take him to child care.

Monday , Nickie took the day off to hang with her folks and Bryson and I was able to scat out of work a little early and join the festivities. We just hung around the house and enjoyed  one another's company. 

Tuesday Nickie worked half a day and then we took Bryson to his six month check up. The Dr. said he was doing great. He weighed almost 16 lbs.... and is 27 in. tall. Then later in the evening Pops and I went to 3rd and linsley to hear the Players who absolutely rock. The Players are a group of the A team musicians in Nashville that you have heard a hundred times but didn't know. It's only in Nashville that you can hear these guys live. So we didn't get back in till midnight or better. Then on the way home Pops called Ronnie because he saw he missed a call while we were listening to the band. So when Ronnie answered hello the best he could being dead asleep. Pops said what are you doing? Ahhh sleeping. oh I figured you be up it's only 12:30 am , uh no its 1:30 am. Oops forgot the time change. Although in all reality it wouldn't surprise any of us if he was up. Total night owl.

So on to Wednesday. Nickie took that day off too to hang with her folks and was able to go shopping with her mom and have some time with her while pops hung out with Bryson.  Then I got home and found out that Mama and Pops wanted us to go out on a date while they watched Bryson of course. So we did. We wen to  Panera Bread and then Target and bought some things with a gift card we had. Then headed back to the home stead.

Thursday We both went to work all day but by the end I was able to catch up with a new acquaintance who is a drummer. He has played for numerous people and Peter Frampton was one of them. So I got to go to a rehearsal with this drummer and then headed home. 

Friday we ordered some dinner from Logans and just hung out. Then Saturday we just mosied around while they packed there bags. We headed up to IHOP to get some lunch. We then went back to house to chill for a little snooze. Then we said our much hated good bye's and saw the in-laws of to another time.

So all in all we had a good week. I will post some pics soon but till then happy blogging and being Posterous.

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