Sunday, November 28, 2010

A Little Rap Up

Well this year has been a unique year to say the least. It started out at the end of March when I was notified that I had two weeks of employment left. I don't think that is the norm. It's usually "Sorry we need to let you go and don't let the door smack you on the way out. So I was thankful that I had some time to look for work especially since we just found out Nickie was expecting. It was a bitter sweet as I was not by any means feeling any fulfilment there and he was just abusing the cheap labor that I was. In the mean time I had met the production contractor for Women of Faith and had been told that he was in need of someone. He asked my past experiences and I told him. In the mean time I had picked up some temp work and crew calls for production work here in town. Women of Faith finally called and I got the job. I heard a lot of good about WOF and was excited even though I was not going to be doing my exact dream. So in April we had a few days of set up before the first event and then a week later did the second event. We then took a break for the summer where again I was doing temp work and whatever I could find.  Then finally in the fall we started the WOF events up again. Unfortunately after 3 more shows in the fall I got let go. It was nothing personal, just business. I just about fainted. I was sick, and felt like the biggest failure in the world. I of course started asking God a ton of questions. Nickie and I were both in disbelief. It had to be a dream but it wasn't. So back to the drawing board.

Two weeks into the job search I got a direct message through twitter from a friend who did lighting for WOF and was currently on the Road with Steven Curtis Chapman. The message asked me if I wanted a gig and that he might have something. The something was driving a truck for the Steven Curtis Chapman Tour. I of course said yes. It couldn't have been better time seeing how we would soon be in the hospital giving birth to our son Brayden. Was it my dream job no but it was a great way to work with and for a great group of people. So the night that Brayden was born I took off on my first date of the SCC tour.Then for two months of my life I got to tour with SCC. Will I get to work for him again? I don't know but I do know that I made some new friends and more connections into the industry.

It definitley has been a trying year in more ways than one but after touring with the Chapmans knowing what they have gone through I was reminded everyday how big of a God I serve.

I hope you have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.