Sunday, August 16, 2009

Let The Race Begin for Soles 4 Souls

Several Months ago I read a post from Michael Hyatt about a friend of his who had an organization called Soles 4 Souls. There whole purpose was to giveshoes to the needy all across the world. I looked into it and thought that's a pretty neat organiztion because you are not really obligated to give money on a monthly basis or even a one time gift but a pair of shoes that you know you have plenty of in your closet. So when I heard about this community run I said hey I will try to use the race to collect shoes for them so here I go.

So with that said I am going to try to raise funds for them and I will be running a race on September 19 th called the South Nash Dash.
I will have a drop off spot at the race. So even if you don't run the race please feel free to come and drop off your shoes. These do not have to be brand new. Just go through your closet and clean out the old cause you know you want to buy some new ones. You can give new ones if you like I wont stop you.

Now if you do want to give money feel free to. I have set up a widget that will allow you to use your paypal, debit and credit cards. As far as a receipt. I guess I did not due my homework. I will look into that. If your are adiment about a receipt that you gave to a charity feel free to go to their website and maybe you can mark somewhere That I forwarded you there. Not really worried about it. Just as long as you contribute.
A neat little fact that I learned at my tour of Soles 4 Souls the other day is that they operate on 2 percent of the donations. Most operate on 50 percent or more. Thats money management.

Check out Soles4Souls