Thursday, July 23, 2009

Summer Madness

This summer has just been  some serious madness. We really haven't done anything big but we have been busy. To the point that I have even forgotten my parents and  and brothers anniverssary. I literally was laying in bed last night and was just starting to dose off when I realize I was a a few days off on remembering my parents anniverssary and over a week on remebering my brothers anniverssary. After I blurted this out I looke at Nickie and said where i life going. I mean really if I did not have the faith in God that I did I would really question the point of this life. That is just the way I am. I know there are people out there who are cool with just living and dying but I just can't do that. I need more. Thats just the way Iam.

I mean what fun is it just to come home, eat, play with Bryson for  a few minutes and put him to bead. Then clean up from dinner and go to bead. Wow thats a lot of fun. I think we should go for a 3 day weekend. I mean as short as the evening time is I wouldn't mind working a 4 day week at 40 hours to have a three day weekend.

Well big news for this week is that Bryson is starting to balance himself on his own. Which means he will be walking soon. Which will be cool for his first birthday which I am really looking forward to. We are meeting my inlaws, parents and brother inlaws at a camp in Indianna . It will be our summer get away and Brysons celebration with his family for his birthday. Just to show you how God is in the details. My wife called the camp today to see what we would have to pay to come early Friday Morning so we can drive at night and they said nothing. Then they said they would leave the keys for us in the cabin so we wouldn't have to worry about checking in. Now on top of all that we had reserved two cabins a month ago but they were not at all close to each other and the lady realized this and said you know what the people in this cabin have backed out so now I can put your families side by side. It is turning out better and better yet. 

Some cool things going on for us lately have been that I got to mix sound for a bennefit dinner last week and the one song writer wrote the big hit for Randy Travis Three Wooden Crosses. It was really cool. that wasn't the only hit writer there that night. THere were two amazing song writers and two ok. That is one mans opinion. The cool thing for Nickie is that tomorrow the 24th of July she will be getting out at noon and going to a spa treament courtesy of work. Ya you and I both wish our jobs cared about us that much.

Happy Blogging and until next time.

Derek D. Robertson

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