Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Long time

It has been very busy in this Robertson House hold. I think it has been over three weeks since last time that I updated you on our life. Too much has happened in the last few weeks to remember but I will do my best not to put you to sleep. 

Well for the first time in a few years we were able to go to PA for the fourth of July. We of course had selfish reasons. It was a good time to see family but we also had a baby shower for our little one that is on the way.

We left for PA last Wednesday night, stopped at Crowne Plaza hotel just outside of Cincinatti, OH. Then finished the drive on Thursday. We went to my folks first and stayed the night there. On Friday the Fourth we went to Nickie's folks and hung out for the day. Then during the course of the day my folks told me that my cousin Bill from Akron, OH was going to use our field for a little pyro if ya know what I mean. Needless to say I couldn't resist so I headed back to Meadville, PA from Erie, PA to my back yard to spread a little Idependence Day cheer. Now, let me set this up.  Back in 2000 my cousin Bill came over to light up the night and thats exactly what we did but not the way we wanted to. So here we go. I had picked up a reel from the phone company back in PA which I guess is frowned upon for some reason but I still did it. So, this reel was laid on its side like a table to launch the fireworks. My cousin , his family and mine were sitting watching him and I commence to light em up and all went well until one of these spinning do dads decided to spin off the table towards our families and then change direction and headed straight for the bag of goods that was placed on the bottom of the reel for PROTECTION! This did not work. My cousin and I looked at each other, he started to kick the bag and I started running backwards. As I was running backwards I tripped doing a summer sault and kept right on going as all the goods went every direction but up.

Well, bummers all that is now literaly up in smoke.  My dad then ask me why did you run backwards. I said I did not want to miss the show. So we decided to take the burnt up goods and throw them in our campfire because now all it is burnt cardboard. My mom being the sensible one says what if they are not empty of explosives? All us men  thought arrrrugh, they will be fine. Five minutes later shots rang out like a bell and we all jumped. What a heart attack.

No one got hurt but it shure got our attention. Then like five minutes later they started popping again. So I guess mom was right. Oh well it sure was fun. 

Now as far as this year goes all went well. We played things a little smarter and did the spinning do dads away from the good stuff. My cousin bought enough fireworks to  consistently go off for about a half hour. Our show was probably the best show in town. Unless you can tell me of another show where it was a consistent thing. I doubt it. 

Well I don't have pics of the show yet but I hope I can get video of it from my cousin and then post it to the site. I do have pics of the weekend and some video of Me,Andy and Dad lighting some goods.

I am tired for now so I will post the vid later

As far shower goes WOW and I mean WOW. Our family and friends showed us again how much they love us with all the gifts. Again thank you so much and blogg later.

Derek and Nickie

Oh by the way

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Shower in PA

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