Sunday, July 20, 2008

The countdown begins

Well, we are down to 7 weeks. I cant believe it. No I am not freaking out WHY WOULD I BE FREAKING OUT? I mean I thought marriage would turn my world around but I think I got another thing coming. So as I enter this stage of fatherhood I sit and wonder other than the fact that I will have no time for myself, less for Nickie, and have to give alot of attention to a baby I wonder what else will change. I mean am I quote all grown up. I have all the accesories of a grown up but I doubt I will all of the sudden be treated like one. I doubt that happens overnight. So guess I will have to just keep dealing with it. It could be worse I could not be cared for at all. So the point behind this blogg. I don't know I just wanted to blab I guess. I hope you have a good week and i will post more pics and vids soon.


Happy blogging

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