Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Used Can't Be Good

All my life I have had this mentality that used was no good. So I would go without things forever till I could get the funds to buy it new but did I stop there? No, I didn't. Not only did I want new but it had to be the best. Hence I have shortened my life in a sense and here's how.

I would use this excuse of go big or go home. Well I never got anywhere. This mentality runs through all my decision making in more ways than one. If I didn't feel I could commit all the way I just didn't do it and that is one of reasons I am probably behind everyone all the time. One good example is that I have always wanted my own sounds system. Well doubt you have looked up the price one quality speaker box but they rage from 1,000 to 6,000 a piece and you need several of them to do a show. Then on top of that you need all the cabling, mics, mic stands, power cords, amps if the speakers are not self powered , distro , consoles and the list goes on.

I never really came to the conclusion till about a year ago when I started to hang out with a certain group of wheelers and dealers. Then on top of that I got hooked on American Pickers. Now I find myself constantly looking at free to cheap stuff on Craigslist, ebay, and dumpsters.

So now hopefully I can start to move on to bigger and better things thanks to some good friends and American Pickers.

Happy Pickin