Thursday, June 23, 2011


I titled this neglected because blogging has been something I have neglected to do do to the fact I have to little one to chase vs. one. Although I am sure if you read my blog you could see the consinstency go down after Bryson was born and not it's even worse. I wouldn't say I dont have time it's just that when I do I need to zone out for a spell after a long day. What's sad is by this time i had a youtube channel, email and photo site for Bryson. I ain't got jack squat for Brayden. Sad but true.

Speaking of long days mine have seem to get longer. Nickie and I have gone to a different schedule since after the first of the year Nickie's hours have gone down and my work has been sporatic. So once her work hours were cut we needed to figure something out and with the encouragement from a coworker Nickie has gone to a freelance position like me only hers is in the field of  Physical therapy. We are in week three of this transition and I would not say it has been a smooth transition but its working. When Nickie has work I stay home and visa versa. I would say it is another way to increase our faith in God but I am a stupid man and always find myself in that trap of trying to do it on my own. I have always told people that they are dumber than animals and its true. Why I say that is because if you get bit by some other creature more than likely you won't bother that other animal again. Now a human on the other hand will do something wrong , ask for forgiveness and then do it again. We just don't get it. So we are stupid people saved by grace. Well I know I am. I am not sure where your faith is so I can't speak for you.

That being said we are stressed but this to shall pass. I also hope to that my work will increase along with Nickies. The cool thing about Nickies work is that she can pool work from other companies as I do. So you know of anyone needing Physical therapy workers or production work you know who to call.