Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Crew Calls

  Occasionally I get calls for what I call Crew calls. Crew calls are when a company calls several people and see their availability to work. These crew calls are usually for production purposes where we will work for a particular artist and their people to set up their production. We are usually called a day or two in advance and are supposed to be at the job a half hour in advance. We get to the job and our divided into categories such as audio, video, lights, staging and the like. We then under the supervision of the artist people will set up or tear down their equipment. One bonus to the job is that they are required to pay us for four hours whether or not we work four hours and then  of course for every hour after that.

It's a unique job in the sense that we don't work every day or even every week. They do try to keep us as busy as possible but if the work is not there well then they don't call you. Crew One (poor website but you get the point) who I typically get calls from probably spend more time on the phone finding enough hands for the job than  the actual job itself. They have a list of a few hundred people to call up.

Now, speaking of people well lets just say some of these people are from all walks of life. You have the clean cut people all the way down to what rock did you come out of. They are very unique individuals. A lot them want to Rock and Roll every night and party every day and that's exactly what they do. To kind of get an idea of some of the people watch this video below .

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