Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Collecting Shoes

Well, I am doing again what I did last year and that is collecting shoes for Soles4Souls. Last year tho was probably more out of selfishness in the sense I knew I would need as much motivation to run a 5k as possible since I hadn't run one since I was 10.  So after reading a tweet from @MichaelHyatt who is the CEO of Thomas Nelson Book publishers about this great organization I just thought the shoe fit ( pun intended.) So I started tweeting and adding post to facebook thinking it would be really easy to get people to walk into their closets grab some old shoes and bring them to the race or after the race people would just drop by the booth and drop of their shoes on their feet .I was proven wrong but not discouraged. I was able to collect shoes but just cause it's a race and you are running for a good cause does not mean the people are going to show up in droves. I unfortunately  got a lot of I did not know you were going to be here, or I just gave all mine to Good Will. So it was a little frustrating. At the same time I really enjoyed doing this ,met some great people, had some great conversations and my wife even said for the first time today I saw you in your element.  So who knows where collecting something as simple as a pair of shoes could lead me. I am currently looking for employment with a possible job in the wing but who knows where all my experiences will take me. 

So I ask you to go into your closet , grab any shoes you know you will never wear, come out to the Menchies South Nash Dash, run , walk, stroll with your baby or dog, just have a good time ,come to me to drop off your shoes, hang out and have some good conversations. 

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